Women’s Suffrage March in Helsinki 1905


Two years after this women’s suffrage march, 19 women were elected to the Finnish parliament. In the background the very first department store of Stockmann at Kiseleff house.

Photo by Unknown / Helsinki City Museum.

Northern Lights…

Topelius Memorial…



Fact and Fable won the competition for a memorial to author and academic Zacharias Topelius. When the statue was returned from its World War II shelter, it was accidentally installed backwards like it is still today.

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Photos From the First Finnish Guidebook 1908


Classic Helsinki photographer I.K Inha was comissioned to take photos for the first Finnish guidebook in 1908. Many of those have now been made available by the Finnish Museum of Photography.

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It’s Runeberg’s Day – In Honor of the Finland’s National Poet


Johan Ludvig Runeber’s book Tales of Ensign Stål starts with a poem that later became the lyrics of the Finnish national anthem.

Many of us will eat today on February 5th a Runeberg’s cake that is said to be created from leftovers by his wife. (I’ve already had two)

Lux Helsinki 2015: Fire Circus Walkea…


…has performed several years at the annual light festival. Year after year at a bigger stage.

St. Lucy’s Day, 13th December

The Start and End of Winter War in Helsinki


75 years ago today (November 30th 1939) Soviet Union attacked Finland and Helsinki was one of the bombing targets. About 100 Helsinkians died on the first day of Winter War.


Three months later small Finland was surprisingly still independent although considerably smaller.  Evacuated Helsinki was bombed a few times a month but wasn’t damaged as much as one would expect.

The harsh conditions of the peace-treaty were one reason why the hostilities resumed in 1941 in what Finns call the Continuation War.

Photos from SA-kuva.

University of Helsinki Damaged…

…after a Soviet bombing raid in February 1944. Photo from SA-kuva.

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World War II Bomb Damage…

…near the Esplanade, 1944.

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