Independence Day, 6th December

Independence Day, 1971

Finlandia Hall in Tricolor for Paris

All Saints’ Day


Despite the candles, this What the Helsinki project is not dead. The app already runs in my Apple Watch and Android smart watch which both are soon ready be released.

Starting From Today Helsinki Has an Airport Train…


…that doesn’t stop at the Airport. Yet.

By July 10th the train stop at the Airport should be ready and opened. Before that there’s a bus transfer from Aviapolis station.

New Android Version at Vanhakaupunki Rapids


What the Helsinki app is meant to be used on location and smart watches will make that much easier. You can always see the nearest images on your wrist instead of constantly getting your phone out of your pocket.

The next Android version will have support for smart watches and it’s almost ready. A simple Apple Watch version also exists on my computer but I don’t yet have a watch myself so that I could test it.

Via Crucis…


…annual Easter outdoor theater performance. Jesus and Mary embrace at Golgotha (or the stairs of Helsinki Cathedral).

Culture vs. Nature at Vanhakaupunki

vanhankaupunginkoski Should the historically significant waterfall of a working museum power plant be preserved or should the dam be demolished to recreate one kilometer long rapids that once were at the location where Helsinki was originally founded?

There’s a very sad book about unique but demolished buildings in Helsinki. The significance of these buildings wasn’t always understood at the time.  I’d put the matter on hold to avoid a new tragedy.  Demolition is final but nature can wait another 10 years.

Vanhakaupunki Rapids in the 1890’s


A log flume on the left at the Eastern branch of the rapids where a sawmill was founded in 1735.

Photo by Rosenberg / Helsinki City Museum.

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